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December 1985 - The Chapman family hosted their first gun show.  It has been a wonderful ride, but, its time to start a new chapter.  Leighton and I are retiring from hosting shows.  
We are EXTREMELY glad to have found someone to take over our schedule.  Mel Smith has run shows for years in parellel to ours.  He will be continuing to host Cadillac, St. Ignace, and Kalkaska.  Contact him at 989-798-88709 or  
What is a Gun Show?

    A room full of display tables for small business people, individuals that are clearing out their closest, selling off their collection, liquidating a relative's collection for the family, etc.  We welcome new dealers and individuals that need to clear away some items.                                                                
   Contents of gun shows vary but, you can find rifles, pistols, ammo, cleaning supplies, targets, and other hunting and target shooting accessories, as well as new and used / manufactured and custom made knives.  Walk in items are always welcome.  As they say, "one man's trash is another's treasure". We require that we check all firearms that come through.                                                                                                                          

   We do charge an admission for everyone above the age of 12.  At payment you will receive a hand stamp allowing you free entry for the rest of that day.  Admission includes your entry in a drawing for a .22 rifle.                     

We welcome a Service Dogs for PHYSICAL disablities.  We welcome all VETERANS with PTSD dogs, as per Michigan Law. A busy show is no place for pets not allowed by law. 

SupportThose That Support Our Sport.
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J&J Sport Shows 18134 Meadow Lane Big Rapid, MI 49307     800-968-5016

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